(Oct 15, 2014) Essen - Frankfurt am Main - Dortmund - Herford [ドイツ・オーストリア鉄道旅行 2014]

Although many trains were cancelled due to a strike by GDL, train driver’s union, luckily the train ICE 513 was operated. ICE 513 (Dortmund Hbf - München Hbf) departed Essen Hbf at 07:00. The newest ICE, Class 407 “Velaro D” by Siemens, was used for this train. The train was not crowded, but almost all seats were already reserved. Again luckily, I found a first class seat whose reservation would be from Mannheim. Though the concept of interior design of class 407 was based on classes 403/406, I feel like being narrower and cheaper.



Calling at Duisburg Hbf and Düsseldorf Hbf, almost all seats were occupied. When the sun was rising,. ICE 513 crossed over the Rhein and got to Köln Hbf at about eight. Many more passengers got on our train and the vestibules and aisles became full of passengers. I never had taken such a crowded ICE. Although ICE 513 usually went to Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof (Frankfurt Airport Long-distance station) directly via Köln-Rhein/Main high-speed railway without any stops, the train would call at all stations between Köln Hbf and Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof. Leaving Sieburg/Bonn station, the train ran at the maximum speed of 300 kph. Nevertheless, additional stops resulted in about fifteen-minute delay at Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof arriving at 9:08. Getting off the train, I looked at the unique, but far from cool, face of Velaro D.






After having breakfast in the airport terminal, I took a cab to Weilbach, about 10 km northwest from the airport. From the town, I walked a country road for about twenty minutes and reached the point next to the track of Köln-Rhein/Main high-speed railway. There I took ICE 515 to München Hbf and ICE 612 to Dordmund Hbf. I also saw some airplanes taking off from Frankfurt airport. I wanted to take more pictures of ICE trains, but most trains were cancelled and I did not have enough time to wait for the next train.




I came back to Weilbach by twenty-minute walk and took a local bus to S-Bahn station Försheim am Main. I went to Frankfurt Höchst by S-Bahn Rhein/Main S1 using the newest S-Bahn vehicle class 430, and then came back to Frankfurt Airport by cab.




I took ICE 610 (München Hbf - Dortmund Hbf) using class 403 ICE 3, departing Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof at 13:09. The train was crowded, but I found a vacant seat in first class. Similar to ICE 513, the train also stopped temporally at Limburg Süd and Montabaur due to the GDL strike. As a result, the train arrived at Köln Hbf at 14:30 with twenty-minute delay. ICE 610 changed its direction at Köln Hbf and then called at Düsseldorf Hbf, Duisburg Hbf, Essen Hbf and Bochum Hbf. I ordered a soup (Schnippelbohneneintopf) and a small bottle of white wine from Rheingau. The train guard brought them to my seat. The delicious soup and wine filled my stomach. The train arrived at its terminus Dortmund Hbf at 16:20 with about an hour delay.





I took the train ICE 943 (Düsseldorf Hbf – Berlin Ostbahnhof) operated by class 402 ICE 2. The interior had been refurbished, and the new interior design concept was similar to that of class 407 Velaro D. Arriving at Hamm, ICE 943 was coupled with ICE 953 which came from Köln Hbf via Wuppertal Hbf and Hagen Hbf. I got off the train at Bielefeld Hbf at 17:41.



I transferred to a local train operated by private operator Eurobahn. I arrived at Herford station at 18:00 after ten-minute trip. There I met an old friend who worked in the town and stayed at her convenient house.


(Japanese version will follow soon.)
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